3/21/2018 – Section 232 Tariff Implementation

Dear valued customer,

As a further update on the impending tariffs, SB specialty Metals will be including a 25% increase to all of our prices for imported material effective with orders shipped March 26, 2018.

Tool steel and high speed steel production capacity in the United States is not in place to handle the current market demand. We are hopeful that our government will come to this realization quickly and exempt these products from the tariff.

It is in the best interest for all of us to make the commerce department aware of the huge negative impact taxing tool steel and high speed steel will have downstream. The commerce department is accepting requests for exclusion forms starting March 19, 2018.

Please have someone in your company take the time to file this request. The forms are available on the US Department of Commerce government website: www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/232-steel

Thank you for your understanding.


Peter Gordon
President and CEO SB Specialty Metals