Highlight Product – PSB 67 ESR

Our product offering contains standard grades along with premium materials that are only available from SB Specialty Metals.  SB Specialty metals is dedicated to bringing these premium materials to their markets and will use this section of the website to highlight a grade and why we, at SBSM,  feel it is a product that will benefit our customers.

Highlight Material:  PSB 67 ESR

PSB 67 ESR is a premium hot work tool steel.  The grade has an excellent combination of heat resistance and high temperature toughness.  PSB 67 ESR has shown considerable success as an upgrade to conventional and re-melted H13.  Link to PSB vs H13 flyer

PSB 67 is produced using Electro Slag Re-melt (ESR) technology.  Using re-melt refinement optimizes the materials properties and sets PSB 67 ESR apart from similar hot work tool steels.

Link to Data sheet