SB Specialty Metals is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Carpenter Technology's family of knife steel products. We are also a full line distributor of conventional and PM stainless and tool steel grades for many other producers of quality knife steels. Please call us for more information concerning our knife steel grades and available inventories, or check our online store.

Knife Steels Stock Sizes

PSB 27 view technical info

PSB 27 is a chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium alloyed cold work tool steel(AISI D2 analysis +) produced using the Spray Forming Process.

Sheet: .125" thick through .200" thick X 24" widths X 72" lengths

SM-100 view technical info

SM-100 is a nickel, titanium alloy having the ability to reach 58 plus HRC, is non-magnetic, and corrosion proof in most environments.

Sheet: .140" thick through .210" thick X 13" widths X 48" lengths

RWL-34 view technical info

RWL-34 is a premium PM stainless steel produced by Damasteel. The grade has excellent corrosion resistance and excellent polishability.

Sheet: .140" thick through .200" thick X 22" widths X 36" lengths

CTS-XHP view technical info

CTS™-XHP is a powder metallurgy, high-carbon, high chromium stainless steel with very good stainless properties at high hardness.

Sheet: .103" thick through .250" thick widths up to 12"

CTS-40CP view technical info

PM version of 440C stainless steel with a good combination of wear resistance and corrosion resistance

Sheet: 0.103" thick through 0.207" thick X 22 widths X 36" lengths

CTS-204P view technical info

CTS-204 is a powder metallurgy, high wear, chromium/vanadium stainless steel

Sheet: 0.135" thick through 0.165" thick X 22" widths X 36" lengths

PD#1 view technical info

PD#1 is a high toughness, high wear resistance powder metallurgy tool steel

Sheet: 0.207" thick through 0.265" thick X 22" widths X 36" lengths

D2 view technical info

D2 is a high wear, 12 chromium, conventional tool steel

Sheet: 0.145" thick through 0.219" thick X 36" widths X 100" lengths