SB Specialty Metals offers a premium line of Tool Steels and High Speed Steels to meet your most demanding tooling applications. We now carry conventional and air melted materials as well as ESR and VAR produced grades. These materials, along with Powder Products and Spray Form products allow our customers to choose from a full line of material options.

ESR(Electro-Slag-Remelt) and VAR(Vacuum-Arc-Remelt) produced grades have improved internal cleanliness and homogeneity. ESR and VAR are secondary melting processes which improve material cleanliness and enhance the internal structure of the material. These material improvements result in better tools, dies, and molds for the end user. And to complete our line of premium products also includes Powder Products and Spray Form products.

Premium Products Stock Sizes

PSB 67 ESR (Hot Work) view technical info

PSB 67 ESR is a premium re-melted air hardening tool steel with excellent toughness and excellent heat resistance

Round: 1.00” diam through 12” diam

PSB 22 ESR view technical info

PSB22 is an air hardening cold work tool steel with an excellent combination of wear resistance, compressive strength, toughness, and temper resistance.

H-13 ESR view technical info

H-13 ESR is a premium version of conventional H13. The ESR(Electro-Slag-Remelted)process improves the cleanliness and transverse toughness of the steel.

Rounds: 0.75" dia through 16" dia
Flats: 1" thick through 8" thick saw cut widths up to 24"

A2 ESR view technical info

A2 ESR is a premium melted air hardening tool steel with very good toughness and excellent dimensional stability in heat treatment.

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M2 ESR view technical info

M2 ESR is the most popular grade of high speed steel and commonly used in a variety of cutting tools and metal forming applications.

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S7 ESR view technical info

S7 ESR is a shock resistant air hardening tool steel offering very high impact resistance and good polishability.

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420 ESR view technical info

420 ESR stainless steel is designed for good corrosion resistance, excellent polishability, and good wear resistance.

Rounds: 0.75" dia through 14.5" dia
Flats: 0.25" thick through 12"thick "

PSB 27 view technical info

PSB 27 is a PM Sprayform upgrade to D2. It combines excellent wear resistance with a high resistance to chipping.

Rounds: 4.00" dia through 12" dia
Flats: .125" thick through .265"thick "

PSB M2 view technical info

PSB M2 is a premium spray formed M2 High Speed Steel. It is ideal for many high speed applications providing improved toughness and higher wear resistance than conventional M2. The spray forming process imparts a more homogeneous structure with improved carbide distribution and a preferred spherical carbide shape.