Forming - Metals

SB Specialty Metals supports metal forming operations in a big way!

Many of the grades we keep in stock are used to make tooling to form metals.

We provide cold work grades made in the conventinal method, cold work grade made using powder metallurgy and cold work grades made using the spray form method.

You can get VOD or ESR grades depending on your application.

Our inventory runs the gamut of cold work needs.  Find your application below to see how we can help you.

Manufacturing processes supported


From rolls to form tubing to small roll form channels.  We provide the tool steel to make standard tooling or high wear tooling to increase tooling life and complete the toughest jobs.

Thread rolling

Millions of threaded components are used every day.

If you make them, we have long lasting PSB27 to increase your tool life.


Small to large diameters.  Cold work, high speed, PM or Spray form.  We have the round bars your need for punches.