Spray Form PM Tool Steel

Spray Form is the evolution of Particle Metallurgy (PM) tool Steel.

  • PM Tool Steel has traditionally been produced using the Hot Isostatic Pressurization (HIP) production process.
    • The process of making PM tool steel using the HIP process was developed in 1970.
    • After Ladle refining, the HIP production method requires five steps to create a ingot of PM Tool Steel.
  • Spray Form is the next generation of PM Tool Steel production.
    • The Spray Form production method was developed more recently.
    • After ladle refining, the Spray Form method requires only one step to create an ingot of PM Tool Steel.
  • The Spray Form process improves the efficiency and reduces energy consumption.
    • Spray Form tool steel grades are PM steels.
    • The more efficient production process is lower cost and more ecologically sound.

Compare and Choose

The chart below shows the variation in characteristics of a tool steel that has the same chemical composition, but made with different production processes.

Spray Form PM Tool Steel 

Compare the difference.

Find your balance of toughness, wear resistance, machinability -VS- Cost.

Spray Form products

SB Specialty Metals is the sole distributor of Spray Form Tool Steel in the USA.

We are starting with PSB27 and following closely behind with PSB38.

Trial PSB27 now to lower your total tooling cost.

Trial PSB38 to upgrade your High Speed Steel product line and to improve the Total Tooling cost for your production tooling made with M2.


Depending on the application PSB27 can replace the following grades to provide a lower Total Tooling Cost.

  • D2
  • A2
  • A2 ESR
  • 440C
  • CTS 204P
  • PM154
  • Carbide.
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Designed to improve the performance of High Speed Steels at a reasonable cost.

Test PSB38 on the following tools:

  • HSS Drills, Bores, Counter Bores, etc.
  • Tooling made with M2


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The plant that makes Spray Form

PM tool steel was built in 2018.

The one step process for making Spray Form Particle Metallurgy (PM) steel
Spray Form Platform
Spray Form platfrom with the chamber circled in red