Injection Molding

SB Specialty Metals serves the plastic injection molding industry by providing the raw tool steel and stainless tool steels for the following components:

  • Single Screws
  • Twin Screws
  • Injection Molds
  • Ejector Pins.

Injection mold tool steel - Literature and technical data.

Injection molding tooling

Screws, molds, ejector pins.


420 Stainles steel is a high-quality tool steel for molds.

It provides maximum corrosion resistance when fully hardened, excellent wear resistance and edge retention and high hardness.


Twin screws or singles screws can be made from PM420.


Injection molds that require tight tolerances and high volumes are often made using S7.


Ejector Pins are often made from M2


Molds for high volume runs of plastic parts that contan abrasive material can be made from H13.

Twin screws or singles screws can be made from H13.

Ejector pins can also be made from H13.


PSB27 is a new Spray Form PM tool steel that can be used to make single screws or twin screws.