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We are a Specialty Metals supplier – focusing on the sales and distribution of tool steel, high speed steel, powder metallurgy steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. We have a network of service centers strategically located throughout the United States to service the industrial markets. SBSM supplies the major manufacturing industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, packaging, medical equipment, recycling, food processing, heavy equipment and knife steels. We also provide value added services that include cut-to-length and production sawing, surface and center-less grinding, gun-drilling, boring and trepanning. Our service centers maintain healthy inventories in a wide range of products to meet customer demands.

  • High Speed Steel

    High Speed Steels are high alloy; W-Mo-V-Co-Cr containing steels designed to cut metal and other materials efficiently at high speeds. They must stand up to the extreme heat generated at the tool's cutting edge. Typical high speed tools include twist drills, spade drills, end mills, taps, reamers, broaches, hobs, punches, form tools and tool bits.

  • Hot Work Tool Steel

    Tool steels used in hot forming and die casting applications. These steels require a good combination of high-temperature strength(hot hardness and temper resistance), wear resistance, toughness and heat check resistance. Typical applications include forging dies, hot upset dies, die inserts, extrusion tooling including liners, dummy blocks, stems and die casting dies.

  • Cold Work Tool Steel

    Cold work tool steels are used in applications which require a good combination of wear resistance, toughness and compressive strength allowing metal forming, cutting and stamping operations to be performed. Typical applications include blanking, drawing, cold extrusion, fine blanking, thread rolling, knives, metal forming, powder compacting, rolling, shearing, rotary dies, cold forging and swaging dies.

  • Powder Metallurgy

    PM High Speed and Tool Steels, produced by Carpenter Powder Products, offer superior corrosion, wear, toughness and temper resistance for the most demanding tooling applications. PM-produced high speed steels offer the ultimate in impact and wear resistance for cutting tools. SBSM is the exclusive supplier of PEAK Spray Form (PSF)materials.

  • Knife Steel

    SB Specialty Metals is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Carpenter Technology’s family of knife steel. We are a full line distributor of conventional and PM stainless and tool steel grades for knife steel applications. Typical applications include industrial knives, kitchen cutlery, hunting knives and folding knives.

  • Premium Products

    SB Specialty Metals offers a premium line of Tool Steels and High Speed Steels to meet your most demanding tooling applications. We now carry conventional and air melted materials as well as ESR and VAR quality grades. These materials along with Carpenter Powder Products and Spray Form products allow our customers to choose from a full line of material options.

Service Center Locations:


  • Charlotte, NC

    321 West 32nd Street
    Charlotte, NC 28206
    Tel: 704-372-3073
    Fax: 704-342-0985
  • Chicago, IL

    4501 W Cortland St
    Chicago, IL 60639
    Tel: 773-772-0300
    Fax: 773-772-0465
  • Dallas, TX

    1101 Ave. H East
    Arlington, TX 76011
    Tel: 817-649-2800
    Fax: 817-633-8142
  • Dayton, OH

    2800 Old Springfield Road
    Vandalia, OH 45377
    Tel: 937-885-8400
    Fax: 937-885-5973
  • Detroit, MI

    1201 Piedmont
    Troy, MI 48083
    Tel: 248-528-0332
    Fax: 248-528-1977
  • Meadville, PA

    99 W. Poplar St.
    Meadville, PA 16335
    Tel: 814-337-8804
    Fax: 814-337-8808
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