Forming - Plastics

SB Specialty Metals serves the plastic extrusion industry by providing the tool steel used to make machine components and dies.

The steel we keep in stock is often used in the following applications:

  • Compounding equipment
    • Twin screws
    • Dies
    • Pelletizing cutter blades
  • Injection screws
    • Single screws
    • Double screws
  • Vinyl extrusion tooling
    • Die plates
    • Calibrator blocks
    • Templates
  • Milled blocks
    • Pre-squaring
    • 4-sided milling
    • 6-sided milling

Compounding (Placeholder)

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Injection (Placeholder)

Manufacturing processes supported

Vinyl extrusion

We have tool steel grade options for dieplates, calibrator blocks land templates.

Plastic injection molding

Grades available to make screws and molds.


Grades available to make the screws, die plates and pelletizing knives.