Manufacturing processes supported

We provide the tool steel for many different manufacturing processes in many different industries.

Find your manufacturing process below to learn about grades that can save you money and improve your tooling performance.

We keep one of the largest inventories of tool steel in the US with a wide array of specialty metals.

We have a diversified domestic and global supplier network to make sure you get the best possilbe value.

Our grades also are used to make components

Find your industry below to see the grades we provide for your parts.  Some of the more common industries are performance racing, valves and controls and oil and gas.

Manufacturing processes supported.

Forming - Plastics

We provide hig quality tool steel and stainless tool steel for used for compounding plastics, injecting plastics and extruding plastics.

Forming - Metals

We provide the cold work tool steel for all types of stamping dies and punches.


We provide the tool steel for roll forming dies.


We provide the high speed steel for many types of cutting tools includeing drills, broached, end mills, bores, etc.


We provide the raw tool steel to make the rolls that form the tubing on the rolling mils.

Cutting and shearing

We provide the tool steel used to make rotary cutting dies.


We provide the tool steel to make the brick molds.

Food Processing

We proviede the tool steel for many different tpes of industrial blades used for applications that rang e from slitting coil to shredding.

Industries that use our grades as components.

Oil and gas

We provide the tool steel for processing components and for the acutal components themselves,  such as valves.

Pumps and valves

We provide the tool steel to make the cans and can components.

Performance racing

We provide the stainless tool steel and tool steels to process many types of food.

Service Centers

  • Our five Service Centers are strategically located throughout the Midwest, East and South to serve industrial markets.
  • We maintain large inventories in a wide range of products to meet customer demands.