We provide the tool steel that makes everything!

SB Specialty Metals is committed to tooling alloys and continues to develop new products.

We are the ground floor for many industries. We thrive by standing on these three pillars.

  • Staying ahead of demand.
    • We keep one of the largest inventories in the US with a wide array of specialty metals.
    • We have a diversified domestic and global supplier network.
  • Guaranteeing that our mill partners meet the standard requirements.
    • ASTM A681
    • ASTMA600
  • Hiring the best there is to provide the service you need.
    • Quick Quotes
    • Fast Service
    • The high quality you expect

Data Sheets

Technical Data regarding hardness, alloying elements, heat treating, surface treating and more can be found on the data sheets below.

SB Specialty Metals Color Codes

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) replaces MSDS for all alloys

Service Centers

  • Our five Service Centers are strategically located throughout the Midwest, East and South to serve industrial markets.
  • We maintain large inventories in a wide range of products to meet customer demands.